ICEACSA beneficiary of the program Galicia Exports Companies from IGAPE


The Galician Institute of Economic Promotion (IGAPE) decided to grant aids for the implementation of actions of foreign promotion of Galician companies (Galicia Exports Companies), financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), resulting ICEACSA one of the companies beneficiaries of this program.


The internationalization of the Galician companies is one of the priorities for action within the economic policy of the regional government, which aims to achieve a significant increase in the quantity, quality and impact of exports of Galician companies.

Thus, Galicia Exports Companies is created with the aim of encouraging the realization of promotional activities abroad that affect the projection and positioning of Galician companies in international markets.

ICEACSA participates in this program seeking to support the expansion of its services into new markets and strengthening them in those where it already has a presence. Thanks to obtained financial support, the Company may address the implementation of various actions aimed at promoting their brand and experience abroad with very competitive costs, thus being able to undertake more ambitious actions that will generate a greater positive impact on exterior markets.


21/07/2016 Source: Authors.