ICEACSA Group celebrates 10 years of presence in Mexico


This October ICEACSA Mexico celebrates ten years of presence in Mexico having developed 82 projects and signed more than 130 contracts.

Since its incorporation, ICEACSA Mexico has actively participated in the development of infrastructures involving investment amounts of more than 30,000 million pesos, including building projects, urban and interurban transport infrastructure, intelligent transport systems, project structuring, building, water and railway projects; intervening in strategic projects in the development of the country’s infrastructures.

Today ICEACSA Grupo cannot be conceived without its Teams, Clients and International Projects. Therefore, many thanks to all ICEACSA Mexico‘s Clients for the trust they place in us every day and to our Teams for making these 10 years of working together possible.

ICEACSA Mexico is part of ICEACSA Grupo, a family of companies whose foundation dates back to 1985, and which has positioned itself in the market as a pioneering and leading consulting group in the comprehensive development of projects in the fields of engineering in general, transport infrastructure, mobility management, water and environment and territorial, urban and building development. Since the end of 2017, it has joined the ANTEA Group and will change its corporate name at the beginning of next year.

In an environment that has taken on a global dimension, ICEACSA Grupo is committed to intensifying its international presence while maintaining the same principles of sustainability, value generation, competitiveness, experience and immediacy of response.

The vocation of service to its Clients and to society in general and the mission of providing engineering solutions aimed at social and territorial rebalancing, requires combining international experience with local knowledge, and this, together with the demand for proximity and immediacy, determine the Group’s commitment to remain in Mexico and Latin America.

By designing common horizons, we remain committed to the integration of people and territories!