ICEACSA Group subscribes to the commitment of joining the Slowlight initiative that seeks to obtain better environments through light by creating night spaces in harmony through a calm, intelligent, healthy, sustainable, comfortable and emotional lighting.

ICEACSA Group has signed its commitment to adhere to the “Slowlight Manifesto, for sustainable public lighting” with the ultimate aim of actively contributing to the initiative with the experience accumulated in the fields of engineering, building, territorial and urban development, environment, industry and energy that its 35 years of operation have provided.


With this signature ICEACSA Group wishes to show its alignment with the fundamental principles of the Slowlight Initiative to promote sustainable public lighting and is committed to working for its improvement, dissemination and extension to new lighting projects, establishing a line of strategic collaboration with Slowlight to actively contribute to achieving the purposes of the manifesto and, in particular, the reduction of light pollution in any form.


The SLOWLIGHT initiative aims to obtain better environments through light, both in urban and rural areas, by creating harmonious night-time spaces, where the night regains its protagonism, through calm, intelligent, healthy, sustainable, comfortable and emotional lighting, where both light and darkness are protagonists in the technical design of the night scene. It is aimed at citizens, public administrations with environmental and lighting management capabilities, and the technical lighting business sector, manufacturers, engineering firms and installation companies, promoting a new public lighting culture designed for citizens, in line with the objectives of the 2020-2030 urban agenda, whose goal is to achieve better cities through light, helping to reduce the serious environmental problem of light pollution, promoting the energy transition towards a decarbonisation of the economy and a responsible use of resources. Calm and sustainable lighting means lower energy consumption and a smaller carbon footprint, providing a more comfortable and healthier environment for citizens and the environment.


The “Slowlight Manifesto for Sustainable Public Lighting” was published on May 16, as part of the celebration of the International Day of Light, and includes the basic principles of the Slowlight philosophy.