ICEACSA opens its offices as spaces of socialization.

Our commitment: to hold face-to-face meetings of our Teams, receive Partners and make them available to our Clients.

In these last weeks we are facing an unprecedented situation caused by COVID-19, both because of its global geographical extension and because of its high impact on people’s health and economy. Therefore our first message is one of solidarity with all those whose health has been affected directly or indirectly, with those who have lost loved ones and with those who have been most affected economically by this crisis.

The priorities during this time have been to guarantee the health of our Team, Collaborators and Clients and therefore of their families and at the same time to give priority to conciliation measures to facilitate the work in these difficult conditions for the families with children and elderly dependents; all this maintaining from the first day the service and attention to our Clients.

So we implemented the work from home in 24 hours quickly and effectively in all offices ICEACSA Group in Spain and Latin America, as for years and as a result of our internationalization we were used to working remotely, and the service has been maintained with high levels of performance, full availability of equipment and maximum security guarantees.

Fortunately, in Spain the worst of the health crisis seems to be behind us and the reopening of offices is beginning.

Knowing that human contact, keeping all security measures, is very important for our customers, we want to communicate that during the coming weeks we will continue working remotely and in parallel we will reopen the offices of ICEACSA in Spain as a place of socialization, to maintain meetings of the teams, receive Partners and make them available to our customers when they deem more appropriate to hold meetings.

It will be a return to the offices with maximum guarantees of operation, prioritizing the health of all.

As the situation of the health crisis in Latin America improves, ICEACSA Group offices in the region will join this gradual de-escalation.