Awarded the contract for the new road network in the Valle del Valle on the Cali and Palmira access roads, structured by ICEACSA Colombia.


The investment of 310 km amounts to USD 323 million in CAPEX.


The National Infrastructure Agency (ANI) of Colombia awarded the tender for the New Road Infrastructure in Valle del Cauca, Cali and Palmira accesses. This project is the first of the Fifth Generation of Concessions, one of the most important infrastructure plans in Colombia, and was structured by ICEACSA Colombia in consortium with Bonus.

With this structuring ICEACSA Colombia accumulates 502 km of roads and highways structured in Colombia corresponding to the Fourth and Fifth Generation PPP programmes.

This project was awarded to the PRC-MC Plural Structure Consortium (Rodovias Colombia, owned by the Brazilian fund Patria, and MC Victorias Tempranas) for an amount of 2,40 billion COP (642 million USD). It is 310 km long, including 15,6 km of new single carriageway between Cali and Jamundí with the extension of Bicentennial Avenue, and the construction of 13,8 km of new second carriageways and 288,3 km of upgrading of existing corridors.