ICEACSA Consultants in a joint venture with the Spanish Road Association will draft the Galician Road Safety Plan 2021-2025.


The Plan will form part of the current national and international road safety strategies in the application of Vision Zero principles.


The work to be carried out by the ICEACSA-AEC joint venture includes the drafting and subsequent monitoring of the Galician Road Safety Plan 2021-2025, with the mission of reducing the number of road accidents and their consequences. It is therefore a matter of defining the strategic objectives that will entail the implementation of numerous actions that will lead to an improvement in road safety.

This contract, which will give continuity to the Road Safety Plan 2016-2020, will be framed in the current national and international road safety strategies and in the application of the “Vision Zero” principles for the reduction of victims and fatalities in accidents on Galician roads.

ICEACSA Consultores has been supporting the Regional Ministry of Infrastructure and Mobility through the Galician Infrastructure Agency (AXI) since 2012 in the operation of the gauging stations of the Network of Roads of its ownership (RAEGA), as well as in the exploitation of traffic and accident data and, with this new contract, the trust placed by the AXI is endorsed, ICEACSA Group continues to advance in its commitment to safe mobility, contributing the knowledge and international experience of its teams in the application of the principles of “Vision Zero”, a comprehensive road safety strategy based on the premise “No more deaths or serious injuries from road accidents” and, on the basis of which, comprehensive and multifactorial strategies are proposed in the search for a safe and efficient road network, taking into account the safety of the most vulnerable road users.