ICEACSA Consultores will draw up the Consell de Mallorca’s Special Plan for Dissuasive Car Parks.


Committed to Europe’s decarbonised mobility target for 2050


The Consell de Mallorca has contracted ICEACSA Consultores, in a joint venture with Doymo, to draft and advise on the processing of the Special Plan for Dissuasive Parking of the Consell de Mallorca (PADMa).

The analysis of mobility on the island of Mallorca shows the need to define new specific strategies to convert the current mobility model into a more sustainable one. The objective of the PADMa is to be an instrument of planning and regulation to reduce the number of private vehicles in circulation on the road network of the Consell de Mallorca and will be an incentive to encourage the use of collective and alternative transport in favour of intermodality.

Aware that the commitment to sustainable mobility is key, at ICEACSA Grupo we work with clear goals in mind: environmental and social efficiency of motorised journeys in cities.