ICEACSA Grupo, new member of the Renewable Energy Cluster of Galicia (Cluergal)



         ICEACSA Grupo has joined the Renewable Energy Cluster of Galicia (Cluergal) in order to strengthen its commitment to the use of renewable energy and development of R & D projects that promote energy sustainability in Galicia.

About ICEACSA‘s commitment, now that we are ANTEA Group, just remember the origin of our name: Civil Engineering, Alternative Energies and Aquaculture, SA … It was 1985!

CLUERGAL is a non-profit association formed by entities and companies of renewable energy and energy efficiency in Galicia that was born in November 2010 promoted by service companies and components related to the energy sector that pursues the following objectives and with which ICEACSA Grupo is aligned with the strengthening of its Department of Industry and Energy:

– The interrelation between companies and other organizations, through the detection of projects of common interest and the development of joint actions.

– To support the development of the industry and services related to the renewable energy sector.

– To proactively promote actions aimed at energy sustainability.

– To be a source of competitiveness.

– Promote innovation.

– To strengthen public-private collaboration.

– The general defense of the interests of the cluster’s member companies.

– Promoting an adequate socioeconomic and regulatory environment for the development of this industry.

– Promotion and development of training structures, in order to improve the training and professionalization of human resources.

The Department of Industry and Energy of ICEACSA Grupo has among its objectives to respond to the growing demand for services related to energy efficiency, sustainability and ecological transition. In the current context, in which the energy model is undergoing a very deep redefinition, ICEACSA Grupo undertakes with rigor and experience these challenges, providing a wide range of services at all stages of the value chain, from conducting energy assessments and audits to the determination of the carbon footprint, the development of energy saving and efficiency plans, permitting, development of draft projects and implementation projects, construction management of energy facilities and management of subsidies where applicable.