ICEACSA Mexico, a member of the Consortium that has been the Managing and Supervising Agent (AAS) of the Atlacomulco-Maravatío highway section since 2018, supervised the construction and commissioning of three new pedestrian walkways.


The Atlacomulco-Maravatío Highway is operated under the Performance Standards Operation Model (MOE), and the AAS team is responsible for ensuring compliance with performance standards in terms of operation and maintenance.


The Atlacomulco-Maravatío highway is a 64 km long toll road, with two two-lane sections in each direction, located between the states of Mexico and Michoacán, and forms part of an important highway axis that connects the centre with the west of the country.


The Banco Nacional de Obras y Servicios Públicos, S.N.C. (BANOBRAS) is the concessionaire of this road section that operates under the Performance Standards Operation Model (MOE), including international best practices, associated with a multi-year scheme of compliance with performance standards in terms of operation and maintenance, ensuring a higher performance than required by the regulations or indices in the field.


BANOBRAS, with the objective of improving road safety for pedestrians in the suburban areas located in the vicinity of the road section, contracted the installation of three additional pedestrian walkways, located at km 100+150, km 103+500 and km 162+500 of the section. The footbridges were built in a workshop and subsequently installed in their final location. They are adapted to current regulations, limiting their maximum slope to guarantee accessibility and have perimeter metal protections to reduce the risk of objects falling onto the road.